CYBERBIT - Detect and Respond

CYBERBIT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems, was honored as one of those top 10 security and risk management solution providers for 2016, an impressive recognition for a growing company.

Exponential increase in the number of attacks and their severity has caused a drastic decrease in the relevance and effectiveness of current generation security tools which are, by nature – signature based. CYBERBIT confronts these challenges by protecting high risk, high value enterprises, critical infrastructures and governments against these advanced, signature-less threats.

CYBERBIT understands that in order to detect and respond fast and efficiently to advanced threats organizational security has to go through major changes. Detection and response cycles must become optimal and short, leveraging past knowledge and experience, automating processes and capabilities, and allowing the organization to be agile, alert and prompt. That’s what CYBERSHIELD portfolio is all about - securing IP & SCADA networks against advanced and targeted threats.

Additionally, CYBERBIT’s Intelligence division is a world leader in providing interception and Intelligence products and solutions to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) all over the globe, bringing the cyber dimension intelligence potential to the maximum.

CYBERBIT’s security portfolio includes:

  • Endpoint Detection and Response powered by deep-learning, SOC 3D
  • Providing intelligence-driven security operations management and automation
  • Training and Simulation platform that prepares SOC teams for complex incident response scenarios.

CYBERBIT has won the prestigious Frost and Sullivan 2015 award for competitive strategy innovation and leadership in the global cyber intelligence and security markets (Read more)

CYBERBIT was honored to be ranked at 45# in Cybersecurity Hot Cyber Security Companies - 500 List of Companies to Watch in 2015

CYBERBIT website


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