What is Network Visibility?

Visibility today means insight and control of network traffic from devices and applications, across physical, virtual, and SDN environments, as well as private and public clouds. As infrastructure becomes more distributed, traffic volume and speeds increase, and the adoption of emerging technologies continues, the need to converge on a unified monitoring infrastructure that not only simplifies and automates network traffic visibility, but also provides built-in intelligence will drive the ongoing evolution of the Unified Visibility Fabric™ architecture.

giga unif vis fabric video thumbnail

Traffic Intelligence

GigaSMART® technology incorporates high-performance compute engines to extend the intelligence and value of the Gigamon Visibility Fabric™ architecture by modifying, transforming, and correlating traffic from various sources to the tools you rely upon for management, monitoring, and security.

 GigaVUE 212 switch

Unified Visibility Fabric

Visibility today means insight into infrastructure blind spots. Driven by the need for real-time decision making, network traffic provides network operations and security administrators with an authentic source of data to base these decisions. For pervasive visibility, [read more ...]


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